Challenge #3 - Check, Clean and Dry Your Boat

Your third challenge is to take the pledge to check, clean and dry your boat, SUP, kayak...whatever you put in the water ON THE GRASS after each outing in our lakes and waterways. CLICK HERE to find out how.

Only 2.5% of water on this planet is fresh water. Of that, about 21% is contained in our lakes and rivers. In New Zealand, two thirds of our drinking water comes from rivers and lakes. Up to us to protect this.

By checking, cleaning and drying your boat, you are helping prevent the spread of pests such as lake snow and didymo to uninfected waterways. Doing it on the grass means that any cleaning products you use will not find their way into the storm water system.

So next time you are out on the lake, think about how you can act to ensure we do our part to ensure that the next generation get to enjoy this incredible resource like we do. Click here to FIND OUT MORE about lakes and rivers in your region.

Monique Kelly