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Educate. Inspire. Enable.


Our Mission

Our mission at ONE New Zealand is to educate, inspire and enable New Zealand communities to accelerate towards a Carbon Zero future and beyond. We aim to:

- Increase the speed at which communities can become Carbon Zero 21st Century communities.

- Mainstream sustainability to foster thriving, diverse & interconnected environments, communities and businesses.

- Advocate and raise awareness of climate justice, bio-sphere & environmental rights.

- Increase community cohesion through establishment of partnership and collaboration networks.


Sustainable Development Goals

A blueprint for the future

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals -  One New Zealand SDG Waka

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - One New Zealand SDG Waka

The Sustainable Development Goals go beyond just climate action and covers all aspects of sustainability. The environment is our hull, the community is the internal structure and the economy is our motor. The whole is held together by partnership, strong institutions and peace and justice. Each goal is essential to the integrity of the boat and none can be looked at in isolation.

To get to our Vision 2050 and Beyond, we need to first check the current condition of the boat. We then need to make essential repairs, get everyone on board, plot the course, set out priorities and decide on action plans. Once underway, we need continually reviewing that we are on track, straight ahead and not left then right. Everyone on board has a role to play in keeping us on track, hull solid and intact and motor humming at a pace the structure of the boat can handle.

This is the basis for all of our actions.


Vision Beyond 2050 

He Wāhi Tūhāhā. He Āmua Whakaohooho

In March 2019, the Queenstown Lakes District, where One was founded, adopted Vision Beyond 2050. This vision clearly states our intention to be carbon zero and for the Southern Lakes district to set “the standard for regenerative, low-impact living, working and travelling.” It paints a picture of a thriving, resilient, diverse community, with opportunities for all, living in harmony with our natural environment and spirit of te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Climate change and a rapidly changing economy are going to bring many challenges to both the community and business sector not only in our district but also our country, and planet. We are going have to deal with an economy slowly weaning itself off fossil fuels - in all of its forms - exponential change with an increasingly digital world, and the increasing realities of climate change (unpredictable weather patterns, rising oceans redesigning our global map, climate migration pressure, reduction in winter revenue due to increased temperatures, increased stress on social cohesion & governance structures etc.).

To adapt to the new economic and environmental reality we are going to have the change the way that we govern, work and behave. If we can do this quickly as a community, nation and planet, we may not only be able to lessen the impact of climate change for future generations, but potentially reverse it. A slow response will just make it much harder for our children to deal with it. Now is the time for action.

So let's get to it. Let's start connecting within our community and with our neighbours. Let's come up with good solutions and make sure we get the ground work done for future generations to build on.