Working Groups


grassroots up

Change comes from within and the most impactful change comes from grassroots up. The working groups have been formed by individuals who want to connect with others in the same sector, identify issues, develop an action plan and drive change - one step at a time.

ONE provides the framework and support for action to happen. If you’re interested in getting involved in one of the groups, want to find out more, or set one up in your sector, get in touch.

Building Better

Motivated, diverse group from the Wanaka building sector ranging from architects, builders, tradies, developers and suppliers, who want to make the sector more sustainable. Looking at the sector through the Sustainable Development Goal lens, three priorities have been set:

  1. Building code reform to make more resilient, healthier homes and buildings - step 1 getting an Eco-Advisor on the Council.

  2. Tackling the building waste problem.

  3. Addressing a community based solution to mental health issues in the industry, in particular suicide prevention.




How to change the hospo sector? Over a good wine and lots of talk! Brona (Federal Diner, FuDog and Fedeli), Chrissi (Big Fig), Sophie (Plastic Free Wanaka), Sally and team co-ordinating a collective effort to make the hospo sector in Wanaka more sustainable. They’re brainstorming around community based solutions to food waste, chemical use and general waste. First priority, with the help of the Again Again model, to become NZ first single-use-cup free community!